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We aim to fulfil this righteous cause and reach to the people in the most interiors of the country, at the most critical times of their lives.

JSSK (Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakram)

A lot of deaths take place every year due to the lack availability of primary facilities from the time of childbirth till the infant gets one year of the age, as this is the most critical time for the mother and the child. Any kind of complications during this period could lead to severe and lifelong injuries for both. Getting them to the appropriate facilities at the earliest possible is the solution to ensure the life of both.

This poses a major problem in the villages and rural areas where the access to the facility is limited and restricted to only a few privileged ones. This creates danger for the majority of women and children who cannot utilise their right to proper and timely medical aid.

To overcome this grave issue, the government launched the ‘Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakram’ in Maharashtra in the year 2011. Under this scheme, Free Referral Transport service is provided to pregnant women undergoing labour pain and sick infants up to the age of one year. Post treatment, free drop back facility is given to the patient by Centralized Call Centre that was established in Pune.

We are aiding the ambulances running across Maharashtra by t NHM. The system receives the call from the patients wherein the executives locate the ambulance nearest to the patient. Once the ambulance reaches the person in need, nearest hospital is located.

Establishing an Emergency Response System that can be accessed by the general population during every emergency through a toll free number 102 helps us to reach out to more people, who often fall outside the radar of existing medical care.

We envision that pregnant women and infants under the age of one year, usually in need of intensive, time-critical medical attention, would largely benefit from 102, the toll-free helpline

Objectives of the Referral Transport under Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakram:-

  • To reduce Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR)
  • To reduce Infant Mortality Rate (IMR)
  • Provide free referral transport service to pregnant women and sick neonates (0 to 1 Years) from home to Institute and, if required, Institute to Institute and Institute to home (drop back).
  • Medical Management Training

    Access to timely medical care is very critical at the time of emergency where every second counts. However, such facilities are seldom available at critical times. Aditi Healthcare provides swift assistance in emergency, thus saving the lives of the people precious to you. Aditi Healthcare has a highly trained staff that are well versed in multiple complexities and quick decision to handle various levels of emergencies.

    We employ staff that includes doctors, paramedics and drivers who have not only been provided the best in class training but also who have abundant frontline emergency response expertise to handle any crisis situation.

    Aditi Healthcare is associated with Private and Government bodies to serve at the need of the hour.

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    Aditi group of companies initially started as a provider of tracking services. We have been able to successfully incorporate cutting edge solutions in the field of asset tracking and monitoring by combining the best of existing technologies and providing best-in-class and simplified solutions to its customers.

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